Patchwork Knitting – a New Method of Knitting

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The New Book by Nadezhda Alexandrovna Tetkina on Patchwork Knitting

Information for Foreign Publishing Houses

Tetkina's Knitting Patchwork

     Here you can see Russian version book cover "Tetkina's Patchwork Knitting" written by N. A. Tetkina.

A Brief Information about the Book

     The main idea of the book is the new sutureless knitting method of multicolored cloths with knitting needles that makes it simple to use wool of different colors. After knitting the fragment of one color, another fragment is attached to it through the knitting, and so on. The author designed geometric, plant, and fantastic ornaments (see Appendix in the book). The pictures also can be used for patchwork sewing and embroidery. The methods of sutureless knitting of mittens, socks, bags, and caps have been designed also.

     The electronic version of the book can be ordered, bought, and sent through e-mail according to special agreement with the publishing house "Russian Collection", St. Petersburg, Russia. The author permits the distribution of the book only within the country that has bought the electronic version.

     To order the book you can contact "Russian Collection" publishing house.

     The publishing house manager Marina Ivanovna Zaluzhskaya

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